Hunter Industries MP Rotator is changing the world of irrigation.  Featuring a multi-trajectory rotating stream delivery system, this revolutionary nozzle is first about water conservation through matched precipitation.
hunter mp2000
MP Rotator is ideal for new systems, but can save the performance of a high-demanding existing system with old-fashioned efficiency.

Need a New System?

In a world where better technology usually translates to more expense, MP Rotator changes the rules. MP Rotator’s multi-trajectory revolving streams apply water much more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays.  This allows for water to soak into the landscape instead of running off slopes and clay-like soils. Additional water-saving benefits include improved wind resistance, less misting, and the ability to handle reclaimed water for those utilizing rainwater harvest systems.
hunter mp corner
With increased efficiency, these super-nozzles provide the ultimate in design flexibility.  In most residential cases, and MP Rotator system is easier to install. This is simply due to the nozzles using much less water than your typical nozzle. In most cases, use of this improved nozzle will actually translate to lower installation costs.

Have an Older, Under-Performing System?

Your irrigation system is zoned according to your available water volume and pressure. If your existing nozzles use too much of this water while operating, your system will simply just limp along. The consequence of this can include water loss and/or poor coverage, resulting in money wasted and struggling plant material. MP Rotator can help. The MP Rotator MP1000 uses approximately a tenth of the water that your conventional nozzle consumes. Retro-fitting your over-demanded system with these nozzles helps you reclaim the hydraulic characteristics your system needs in order to provide the benefits for which it was originally intended.

Whether old or new, you can’t go wrong in considering an MP Rotator system. Call or email us today for a free irrigation consultation, or just to inquire about this new irrigation technology. Click here to learn more about MP Rotator.